This project was conceived by Sascha Pohflepp as a diploma thesis in Visual Communication at the Berlin University of the Arts (UDK). It was supervised by prof. Joachim Sauter and Jussi Ängeslevä.

Research, design and implementation: Sascha Pohflepp Buttons
Extra magic: Gregor Blahak (Java), Remmelt Pit (PHP)

Thank you: Hande Akçayli, prof. Anna Anders, Julian Bleecker, Ivonne Dippmann, Benjamin Fry, Anne Galloway, Frank Hesselmann, Matthew Karau, Murat Koçyigit, Linda Kostowski, Wilhelm Kruse, Julia Leihener, Akitoshi Mitsutani, Hannes Nehls, Amanda Parkes, Amy Patton, Inge Pohflepp, Rainer Pruefert, Stephan Schulz, prof. Ulrich Schwarz, prof. Edward Tenner and Jesper Wille

Built with Processing / Mobile Processing. Visual tracking through ReacTIVision.
Photo search using the Flickr API.

Released in 2006 under a Creative Commons license. All commercial rights reserved!
You can download photos in high resolution here.